VTG has vendor management solutions and programs to support clients via direct relationships or MSP and/or VMS staffing models, which includes a proven and cost-savings Master Vendor Program.

In our master vendor program, a strategic sourcing and vendor management model is implemented in which a select few suppliers are tasked with filling all of the client’s open positions. The program is highly flexible and can be applied in a variety of manners that provide extensive value-add to the client.

We bring to the Master Supplier program expertise in SLA-driven performance, consultant transitioning, QMS process orientation, on-demand ramp-up and down capability, MIS collaboration and reporting capabilities, and a mature governance model.

Clients accrue multiple benefits from VTG’s Master Supplier program, including but not limited to:

• SLA driven execution and management of contingent worker staffing

• High levels of fill rate

• Significant savings in terms of volume discounts

• Accountable supplier-business unit partnership

• Overall efficiency in contingent worker staffing

Access to critical resources from sunset suppliers through Vertis’s on-going relationships

• Comprehensive analytics and reports

• State-of-the-art accelerators, frameworks and toolkits that make transitions seamless, efficient and effective

why vertistech?

  • VTG provides satisfying career opportunities for our Associates in challenging and fulfilling roles.

  • Proven cost-effective blend of expertise and solutions to power business and IT initiatives Exceptional talent management.

  • VTG is committed to attract and retain the best talent.